Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

It's been a few weeks since my last post, so I thought I'd hit a couple of recent highlights to start things off.

1. Thanksgiving Day -- Malerie woke me up and told me there was a football game going on that morning that my friends wanted me to go play in. Now, when Malerie (harpist) and I got married, I envisioned being woken up every morning to the melodious sound of the harp. Hasn't happened. But the next best thing is being told I'm wanted at a football game. I'll have some more of that.

Later on, we feasted at our place with some friends, watched the parade, the dog show, and some football, and then capped off the night with two games of Cities and Knights of Catan. I'd like to thank the sheep that helped me bring home a warm, wooly victory.

That night, after such an amazing day, I didn't want to go to bed. So I didn't. I drove to Target at 1:30 in the morning and got in line for Black Friday. Holding down the fort as #2 in line out of I don't know how many hundreds, I sort of dozed on the cement outside the front door, covered up by a blanket I found in my car, which if memory serves was the same blanket I peed on one time when I was little. But my dutiful patience with the unforgiving concrete and urine-stained coverings paid off, as I was rewarded with $13 seasons of "The Office," unnamed Christmas gifts for Malerie, and the very last Guitar Hero. As I grabbed that last one, much to the chagrin of a middle-aged female bargain hunter who swore at me like I had just peed on her blanket, I knew I had succeeded.

2. Winter in San Diego -- Is not like winter in Utah. Or Spokane. At all! Malerie and I both really miss the snow and can't wait to see it soon. I am grateful, however, that it has at least been cooling down here in California. After living here for 2.5 years without ever turning on the heater or the (non-existent) air conditioner, we finally caved and cranked up the thermostat this morning.

And now, a list of a few things I'm planning on doing while in Utah for the first time in 9 months:
  • Double Country H -- Hires Big H
  • Bacon cheeseburger (ketchup only), fries, blackberry shake -- Apollo Burger
  • Reconnaissance mission to Hires for Triple H
  • Shredded beef burrito, enchilada style -- Café Río
  • Giant tofu log -- Wayne's Tofu Hut oh who am I kidding I can't even type that with a straight face
  • Walk in snowy canyon with my mom and dad
  • Build first snowman with Madeline
  • Go to Cottonwood Mall, get gag picture behind bars in "old jailhouse," stop in at old saloon, tour old abandoned mine shaft
  • Taking a break from all things medicine for a few weeks.
Merry Christmas, everybody!


Malerie said...

You never told me that blanket was pee-stained. And that's a lot of eating out in addition to holiday food. If you're not careful you're going to look like that one picture you posted from "" - the year 1998... (I'm not ok with that)

samantha said...

I was laughing so hard while I read this post! You are hilarious! Can't wait to see you! We've got plenty of snow to go around right now, and I think that we're supposed to get even more!

Heather said...

I thought I missed the snow...and then we got here! Maybe life in constant rain isn't so bad....

samantha said...

I am glad to know that i won't need to do any cooking while you are here...and don't go to Hire's without me, I want some onion rings.

samantha said...

Sorry the comment right before this was from Mom.... she was using my account, I don't know why.