Friday, November 21, 2008

50 Ways to Blow Your Cover

In preparation for the BYU-Utah game tomorrow, I've been reviewing some footage of the past two years. Doing so has inspired me to re-write the lyrics to "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," by Paul Simon. If your volume is up, you should be hearing this right now, since it's the Song of the Week.

It’s been a year now since you came to Lake City

Saying, “Coach Whit, won’t you please just start me at DB.

My man will never score and this I guarantee,

I’ve got game according to my mother.”

Now these days Coach Whit says lose the attitude,

Furthermore I hope my job’s not lost and that I won’t be sued

But Harline and Collie have left me one unhappy dude

Because you’ve found fifty ways to blow your cover

Fifty ways to blow your cover

If BYU pulls it out on Saturday, maybe I'll try to do a few more verses. If they lose, look for me at the bottom of the bay.

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