Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mac OS X Leper

Let me mention two things up front.  First, thanks to my buddy Taylor for the free copy of Leopard. Second, I have been extremely satisfied with my Macbook up to this point.

So Mac's newest version of its operating system, titled "Leopard," arrived in my mailbox a few days ago. Despite being in the middle of finals and needing my computer to study for the following day's pathology test, I was so eager to get this bad boy up and running that I began the installation process right away. Foolish me.

It soon became apparent that I could go outside, track, and trap an actual leopard in the "wild" faster than my computer could finish the installation.  After a few hours, it finally finished.  I installed all updates.

No problems.  Things were quiet...too quiet.

The next evening, I discovered that I could not load certain websites anymore. One of these was  Obviously this was unacceptable and debilitating.  So I decided to go back to the old standby "Tiger" operating system.

Well, at 4:00 am later that same night, I was still working to recover all my files which apparently decided to enter the Witness Protection Program during this reversion. At one point it looked like I had lost everything; miraculously, everything was recovered.

After that, I've decided to stay away from Leopard for now.  One wonders what other big cats Mac can possibly use for titles here. Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, and now Leopard are taken.  What's next?  Lynx?  Cougar?  Ocelot?  For my money, this "leopard" would have been more appropriately named "Diseased Wildebeest" or "One-legged Nag."

P.S. Who voted "$100" in the poll?  My school would like your phone number.


Jason said...

Hey Matt! I have a blog too. It is
I am glad I can read your mind!

Leia said...

So glad that we have a song of the week. Not as special as song of the day, but I are a med student. So sorr that you had so much trouble with the program. It makes me a little nervous to get the mac I was planning on for graduation.

JW said...


I am completely lost in your cyber world of jungle cats. I have no idea what the freak you are talking about.

Dan said...

Matt! you've been linked up and fed to the feed -- what a nightmare with Leopard! We were forced to get Macbooks (which I don't mind), but haven't had the luxury (or misfortune) of being upgraded to Leopard

corbin said...

Leopard is very picky about who she associates with. She is a cruel and merciless mistress if you do not treat her right. But if you know just where to scratch her (1.38" behind her left ear) she will purr like a 180 lb. kitten. For example, I recently was able to use Time Machine to retrieve settings, without which Mail had become worse than a homeless guy who had found a liquor store that accepted passwords as payment (Mail kept begging for my numerous passwords repeatedly, in case the analogy was a bit stretched). Time Machine is just one of the many useful features of Leopard that make me glad my upgrade worked out. Of course, I am a famous cat trainer, so I have had some experience.

Taylor said...

As I am also the proud owner of a macbook this demands comment. My macbook was generously provided with leopard previously installed and I have absolutely no complaints. As such, the previous comments must be attributed to user error. Except yours Weed, which was a problem with Which was fixed within 24 hours you whiner.