Monday, August 4, 2008

What Not To Do With a Pacifier

This is my daughter, Madeline, getting her game face on. Note: her hair is actually light brown, not red.  Anyway, we're getting ready to follow game 4 in the post-Manny Red Sox era. The first three games have been wins, and we've got high hopes for tonight.  

The Red Sox are not the topic of this post, however. The topic is my daughter's growing dexterity. She's figured out how to take her pacifier out of her mouth and how to put it back in. The other day, she was doing this very thing while also playing with her stuffed hippo. I noticed a rather objectionable behavior, and said the following:

"Madeline, pacifier doesn't go in hippo's bum."

Malerie, sitting nearby, started choking with laughter and very nearly spat her milk out all over the place.

Who says parenthood isn't exciting?


Malerie said...
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samantha said...

Cute! you guys make a good pair! didn't Emily give Madeline that outfit?